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Personal Financial Statement Notice: This statement is designed for use by residents of community property states (Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, or Wisconsin).
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Welcome to entertaining money I'm Samuelbogan and in this video we're discussingthe personal financial statement thepersonal financial statement is a veryimportant tool and financial educationthe personal financial statement or PFScan be considered to be a type offinancial report card as it provides asnapshot of a person's financialsituation at a given timeso without further ado let's dive in andget some of the components as you cansee the personal financial statement iscomposed of the income statement and thebalance sheet the income statementconsists of the income column and theexpenses column the balance sheetconsists of your assets and liabilitiesbefore we go further let's define assetsand liabilities in very simple termsassets or things that put money in yourpocket so we have money and a liabilitysort of opposite there are things thattake weight out of your pocket so wehave moneybefore we get to the income statementagain let's go to the balance sheet andgive some examples of assets andliabilities some examples of assets arerental real estate which produces that'sthe income stocksbusinessesand precious metalssome examples of liabilities area personal home where the individualactually pays for the mortgage the carelissa a credit card purchases maybewith some shoes or that designer handbagthat you had to have so for incomemost people obtain their income from aJo P so from that job they may earn awage or they may earn a commissionyou may even tips so income job incomeexcuse the arrow from that income youget your expenses which come from yourliabilities let's say it's your mortgageRicardopretty cartwheelbut the average American the expensesare taken care of from income from yourjob so income goes out like that foryour expense column so the major thinghere is your liabilities create theexpenses which essentially eat away atyour income which you are from a job nowthe problem with having this situationwhere you're an income from a job to payfor your expenses is that you totallymiss out on the power that's presentedby having income generated from yourassets so say for instance you had yourrental real estate property what you hadrun some income so essentially thatgenerates cash flow or income or if youhad money from your stocks your businessis or your precious metals so the keytakeaway here is that you haveadditional cash flow which is beingcreated via your assets because they putmoney into your pocketso you have a difference in mentality iswhere you have the employeewe'll focus on creating income through ajob working harder working longer hoursor trying very hard to do what it takesto obtain that raise and you have theother side of the game but you haveinvestors who own assets we work toaccumulate assets that generate theincome to cover the cost of all theirexpenses to get into this situation ofbecoming an investor this requiresfinancial education which...
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